Amidst the excitement and energy we live for, are equal amounts of professionalism and seriousness. We have found the balance between ‘work’ and ‘play’. We are serious about what we do because we do it well.

From starting small in 2005 as a print brokerage, we have worked our way up the ladder and today are a shopfitting and manufacturing company to stand amongst the best in the industry. Shopfitting is not just about the end product. It’s about the experience OUR customer has through the process.

Brands Unplugged - Leigh-Anne

Leigh-Anne Keogh

After 7 years of working herself to the bone for other people, she naively embarked on a journey to start a little print brokerage called Brands Unplugged. Through the establishment of excellent partnerships with her clients, the business flourished and grew into a full turnkey solution for shop fitting and manufacturing. As Sales Director, she is detail driven and fussy to a fault, and her years of experience working with the cosmetics industry have given her an edge over her competitors. She is a mom, wife a self-confessed cosmetics addict and photography enthusiast.

Brands Unplugged - Jenny

Jenny Barnard

After leaving school and completing a diploma in bookkeeping, she travelled overseas where she discovered a love for cookie dough and ice cream. Upon returning to SA, she worked fulltime in the marketing industry while completing her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management. When Leigh-Anne spun the idea to create Brands Unplugged, Jenny joined her as a shareholder and is responsible for moulding the business into a financially sound entity. She manages and controls the full marketing and finance side of the business. Jenny is a mom to a gorgeous little girl, a committed shopaholic and loves a home makeover.

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